Dewalt 227 piece mechanics tool set

dewalt 227 piece mechanics tool set

The result is a ranking of the best Mechanics Tool Sets. DWYM is focused on helping you make the best purchasing decision. Our team of experts spends hundreds of hours analyzing, testing, and researching products so you don't have to.

Learn more. Great Starter Set If you're looking for a comprehensive kit to get started on your repairs, this piece kit is a great choice. Double-Stacked Pawls With this set, you get two double-stacked 60 tooth pawls that provide extra power with each turn. Chrome Vanadium Forged Body The ratchets in this set have a Chrome Vanadium forged body to provide enhanced strength and durability. Markings for Identification Easily find the tool you need with the large, easy-to-read markings that help you quickly find the socket you need.

The result is a ranking of the best of the best Mechanics Tool Sets. DWYM is your trusted roduct review source. Our team reviews thousands of product reviews from the trusted top experts and combines them into one easy-to-understand score. This tool set includes pieces, including sockets, ratchets and extension bars. You'll have everything you need for your home toolkit. The blow-molded case is built to protect the pieces inside, with a handle that makes it easy to carry from one place to the next.

dewalt 227 piece mechanics tool set

It's a great deal when you compare it to what you'd pay buying each of the items inside separately. You'll get a full set of socket tools with this piece set in a sturdy carrying case. You'll get sockets in a variety of sizes, as well as screwdriver bits, hex keys and wrenches, among other items.

The socket bodies are made from forged chrome-vanadium steel and coated with a polished chrome finish, giving it a high-quality look while also providing years of use. What We Liked: This tool set includes pieces, including sockets, ratchets and extension bars.

What We Liked: This wrench set includes 56 pieces, including standard and deep sockets. The XP ratchets feature a 3-degree swing arc to ensure you can tighten even in the smallest area. What We Liked: This piece set comes in a bright red case to help you easily identify it as yours. It comes with 72 ratchets in three different drive sizes to provide maximum control. What We Liked: The ratchet handles in this kit come with a thumb-operated switch that makes it easy to release the socket.

The chrome vanadium forged body provides the durability and strength you need.

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A good pair of pliers and a full set of screwdrivers will come into play far more often than you expect. But those basics are only the start. It will include sockets, extensions and a ratchet, at minimum. When you choose a torque wrench, carefully coordinate it with the drive size of your socket set. For that, a car ramp will be required.

You can instead choose a jack, but ramps tend to be safer. That sticker the mechanic places on your windshield after each visit likely recommends every three months or 3, miles, whichever comes first. In recent years, though, experts have changed their tune on how often you need to take your car in. Stephanie Faris is a novelist and business writer whose work has appeared on numerous blogs.Check Latest Price.

In Car Cleaning And Maintenance. Mechanic tool sets are specially designed to cater to the needs of both professional and DIY home mechanics alike, and this is what makes them versatile and functional. However, the wide variety of products makes it harder to choose the best mechanic tool set for your needs.

Because you know what? It is very easy to get carried away and buy an awesome piece tool set which you can proudly boast about to your friends. Finding the tools you need according to the budget you have should not be difficult.

Not only is it fully equipped with pieces and hand tools necessary for most mechanical, industrial and consumer tasks, but it comes at a very affordable price as compared to other similar products. The good combination of quality and cheap price is what makes this a popular mechanics tool set with a high number of reviews.

The improvements include a sturdy compact blow molding case for easy transport and dual-material screwdrivers with vapor-blasted tips. Curious about how complete and functional this case is? One thing we liked when we opened the case was that the tools were not falling out of place but stayed seated quite well with only one exception, the half-inch ratchet which is a bit heavy and it fell out.

The foam insert on the top also helps the tools to stay in place. The set comes with nice shaped smooth finish ratchets that feel sturdy and super durable. The combination wrenches metric and SAE are good for small spaces and they provide leverage and a good grip but they may not be suitable for applying large amounts of torque.

The screwdrivers are wide for lots of leverage and they are well finished, but beware: due to their round shape, they tend to get slippery when your hands are oily. Looking for more? This case also includes short and deep sockets, 2 extensions, an adapter, 2 pliers, an adjustable wrench, a magnetic driver with 44 bits as well as 26 hex keys.

Overall, users are very pleased with the quality and functionality of this box and find that it is a good value for the money. However, a couple of tools such as the adjustable wrench and the needle-nose pliers did not meet up their expectations.

Losing tools and sockets is not the best way to keep your DIY mechanic passion alive. To prevent this from happening, forget all about these cheaply made tool cases and invest in a solidly made durable case. It is large and keeps the tools in place, so the risk of losing them is substantially minimized.

On the downside, it weighs approximately 40 pounds, which is heavy. This piece set is a comprehensive all-around set that contains everything a DIY auto repair or home repair enthusiast would ever need.

This makes it the best value for the money especially since it comes with all Dewalt high-quality tools that would cost a lot more if you had to buy them separately. How about having a look on the inside? One thing that a lot of companies brag about when they have a big kit is that they offer a lot of these screwdriver bits.

Quite intriguing is also the large selection of shallow and deep sockets SAE and metric without any significant skips.This set is housed in a ToughSystem large case which is compatible with the entire ToughSystem storage line. This large case has an IP65 rating making it water and dust resistant to keep your tools safe.

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dewalt 227 piece mechanics tool set

Our return policy is void if you attempt to modify, open, unlock, root, or change the operating system of the device. The condition of the item you are purchasing will clearly be marked on the listing page. Does my product come with warranty? Can I return my purchase? I received my item but it's missing something This means we messed up a little and we promise to make it right. I received the wrong item This means we really messed up and we promise to make it right.One of the primary sets that you should have in your home is a useful mechanical tool set.

Moreover, it is not good to be always borrowing a tool from someone. Having a tool set at hand, therefore, is simply a must.

Finding the best tool set, however, is not an easy task. Given the fact that there are myriads of tool set brands on the market today, you would surely have a hard time figuring out which is best for your needs. The buying process, however, should never be brain-wracking for you. Hence, to facilitate the buying process for you, we have delineated here the factors that you should consider when buying a tool set. Moreover, we have also listed the best mechanic tool set brands on the market today.

There are several factors that you need to bear in mind when buying a tool set. These factors include the following:. You should bear in mind beforehand the measurements of the tools that you are going to buy. Typically, you got two options when it comes to measurements: Metric or SAE.

On the other hand, you can also go for tools that are set in metric. Remember, it would inevitably cause you a lot of downtimes if you would still need to convert metric measurements to English. Thus, at the onset, it would be good to determine which System of measurements you would stick to and you are comfortable with. When buying a tool set, it is also essential to consider the variety of tools included in the set.

The greater the variety of tools, the better it would be. However, it all depends on your level of expertise and tool needs. If you are a DIYer, you would definitely need this kind of necessary tools. This means you will need around pieces of tools in your set. More experienced mechanics, however, need a more significant number of tools to address their more intricate needs. A tool set should also include the basic accessories and adapters to make your tool set complete.

Aside from having those necessary handles, sockets, and wrenches, you would also need these accessories and adapters like torque wrenches, breaker bars, and many more. Surely, there would be instances when you would need these accessories and adapters.

It is not enough to have the different necessary tools in your toolset. It is also necessary to have quality tools. It is not good to have plenty of screwdrivers, for examples, whose ends often fail to remove screws. Hence, in choosing a set of tools, you need to go for those trusted brands that are known for sterling products.

As mentioned above, quality is necessary when choosing a tool set. Hence, to ensure that you get quality tools, we have delineated here the most recommended brands of tool sets on the market today:. It is basically a comprehensive tool set that has almost every tool that you would need.Looking for the best value mechanics tool set? Getting your hands dirty by doing your own car repairs will save you money in the long run, and you may actually enjoy it.

I know I do. But, one of the biggest hurdles to undertaking basic car repairs is choosing the right tools. Our experts have done the heavy lifting for you and provided this comprehensive list of mechanics tool sets according to price and number of pieces. Now, all tool sets here represent great value for money. Do you need a spare set to chuck into the car for emergencies only, or are you shade tree mechanic who needs a wider variety of tools for more frequent use?

The DeWalt piece mechanics tool kit provides an excellent mix of tool variety, quality and value. Wrapped up in a durable case for transport and keeping everything where it should be. Easy to read hand-stamped markings in both standard and metric makes for easy tool selection.

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The ergonomically designed tools fit well within the hand, allowing for comfortable use over long durations. Lastly, the case is lightweight, yet sturdy. And, importantly the tools fit snug into place. Overall, this is a durable tool set designed to last.

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With the added peace of mind of a lifetime warranty no proof of purchase requiredthe Dewalt piece tool set is a good size to store in your car or garage. The Pittsburgh piece tool set with case is an entry-level mechanics tool set. The case is compact and it does an ok job of holding all the tools, but tools may come loose and move around the case a little. The labels are both SAE and metric, which is handy. This tool set contains many everyday tools like a small hammer, pliers, wire cutterswrenches, ratchets, screw drivers, anchors, fasteners, tape measurements, utility knife, etc.

Perfect for beginners or those that want to keep a set of tools in the car just in case. The attractive price point means that it is an easy investment that will pay for itself with one DIY car repair. The Piece Stanley tool set strikes a balance of quality and affordability. Stanley offers a great lifetime warranty.

Hot Deal: DeWalt 227 piece mechanics set with 3-drawer toolbox $120

If a Stanley mechanics tool ever fails for any reason, they will replace it with no proof of purchase required. This set is ideal for those looking for a wide range of sockets. Great for cars and bikes. We were a little disappointed with the quality of the wrenches and thought that the markings could have been laser etched to allow for greater readability.

All in all, this is a solid tool kit from a quality manufacturer, backed up with an impressive warranty. Great to chuck in the car for emergencies or keep at home for the car or bike.

Featuring both metric and SAE drives, the Crescent piece kit includes a good assortment of wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, ratches, extenders, hex keys, bits and more. Given the variety of tools and applications it can be used for, it would also make a thoughtful gift for someone that has just purchased a car or even just to have around the house.

You also get drive adaptors, spark plug socket, more bits and hex keys. By this I mean that it contains most tools that a mechanic is going to need such as ratchets, sockets and extensions, and little in the way of general tools such as screwdrivers or combination wrenches.

dewalt 227 piece mechanics tool set

This set from DeWalt is very solid, well made and durable.Recent developments, though, have challenged that perception in a big way. Over the last 30 years of use and abuse, those tools have proven themselves to be quality items.

If those tools have worked well for 30 years, why not just recommend starting and ending the tool quest at the local Sears store? Well, if you can find a complete Craftsman set frombuy it.

One thing nice about older Craftsman tools is that they have a model number prefix, which you can decode to determine the original manufacturer of the tool.

Unboxing DEWALT DWMT72165 204 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Look at the first three digits before the decimal point on the tool and cross-reference it against the list at VintageMachinery. Namely, the Sears store that used to be relatively convenient is probably now an empty shell in a rapidly decaying mall, and the closest one may be dozens or even hundreds of miles away now.

Craftsman tools and the return policy on them have changed A LOT in the meantime, and there may be significantly better options, with much greater variety, at a competitive price. Things have gone bananas with Craftsman tools in the last year.

The other thing to note is that the price has increased astronomically in a year. Last year, Sears provided a complete inventory of each individual tool in the set. Who has square drive screws at home? The Craftsman warranty is where things get a little weird.

Best Mechanic Tool Set Brands

In the old days, you brought your broken tool to the store, handed it and a new tool to the guy behind the counter and walked out. The tools have to be exactly the same, first of all, which makes the multiple variations of Craftsman tools a little difficult to negotiate.

The warranty has some red flags. The other considerable concern is the warranty on the torque wrench.


Thanks, Josh, for allowing us to relay this to potential Craftsman shoppers. This is a nicely organized Kobalt set. When we reviewed tool sets previously, Kobalt had a comparably priced set that included a lot more sockets, universal joints and breaker bars.

However, if you do, return the item to the place of purchase for a free replacement. No questions asked. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. The torque wrench, unfortunately, has a similar warranty to the Craftsman: One year, and it does require a receipt. Interestingly, the Craftsman torque wrench warranty does not allow commercial use. Husky ft. The Husky set provides OK, not every fastener, but close.

We first saw this set at a Lowes media event last year and Lowes recently hooked us up with a set for this review. If the most rigorous tool use you encounter is assembling Ikea furniturethen buying this kit is a bit like taking a limo to the grocery store. Storage and organization with this many tools and sockets is a must. To that end, Kobalt thoughtfully included a case to store everything in the kit. The case features fitted storage in the lid, a drop-in tray, and three drawers below, one of which is empty and without any molded dividers.

Count on spending a little chunk of time finding homes for all the various tools and sockets. While some fit snugly, others are cradled loosely. Side handles lack fingertip grip While the case dose a good job of organizing and protecting an amazing amount of tools, it does have a few shortcomings. When we first pulled our set out of the box, on of the corners of the box had come loose.

A gentle but firm kick nudged it back into place, but it left us wondering a bit about structural integrity. The hinge mechanism on the box seemed a bit light-duty. Last on our list of box nitpicks are the side handles.

While these are a great idea, the handles basically stick out flat, with no recess for your fingers to curl into. However, if you are highly mobile with your tools and tend to abuse your tool boxes, you might find yourself with some storage issues.

On a more positive note, we were very happy to see that Kobalt included the socket sizes on the drawers that store the various sockets. The label for each socket makes retrieving and replacing sockets a breeze. The drawers can also be pulled all the way out, enabling you to take what you need to your work, rather than hauling the whole set over.

You can also change the order of the drawers to your liking. An old kit of mine must have had about 6 teeth and I was constantly frustrated with situations where there was limited clearance to swing the ratchet. The 72 tooth design on these provides a nice smooth action, and helps you make progress even with limited distance to swing the ratchet handle. Overall, the ratchets have a very solid feel and both the quick release button and direction switch function well.

The set also includes several socket extensions, essential for hard to reach nuts and bolts. A red band on the socket means standard and a blue band means metric. Kobalt wisely recessed the painted band which should keep the paint from being rubbed or scraped off during the first week of usage.

I hate cheap kits that paint on vital info which is then lost forever as the tool ages and the paint wears off. Kobalt also laser etched the sizing for the same reason. Luckily, Lowes sells socket singles and I was able to pick one up at the store and was back in action in no time.

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